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Problem Solved (Kind Of)

Through a half-baked answer I didn’t really understand from WP.org I finally figured out what happened to the dashboard drop down menu on the App. I’ve always hated the “New and Improved Posting Experience” option that comes up when you add a new post while using a PC. Since they never forced you to use it, I never did and stuck to the “old-fashioned” and obviously antiquated dashboard menu screens. (in their eyes anyway). Finding WP very easy to learn when I started blogging last year without needing to memorize 100 icons and shortcuts, it always worked well for me. This is especially true for uploading pictures from my Iphone, the source of most blog pictures.

Apparently, the developers decided it’s too bad on those of us who don’t want to use the “old version” of posting and the only way to use things you’d use in a new post (like adding new images or videos to the media library) must now be used via the “new and improved posting experience“. After hours of playing around I still see nothing that replaced the “Media Library” menu option and the alternative I see is to go to the “Featured Image” option which brings up a Media Library option where you can upload new pictures, documents or videos, despite the fact I’m not trying to add a featured image at that point. There must be an easier way to do this but I guess I’m not hip enough to figure it out. So posting on the Ipad now means I’m forced to learn their wonderful new and improved posting system.

old dashboard

The “Old Dashboard” option. Now gone from the WP Apps

The "New and Improved" posting experience. I've always hated it.

The “New and Improved” posting experience. I’ve always hated it.

If anyone knows how to get back into the media library as seen below via the “new and improved” posting experience, please let me know

upload media

So please excuse any crappy posts once we leave for Australia next week while I figure out how to re-learn the art of blogging in the New and Improved WordPress World. Should anyone know another way to add new images to the media library via the app, please share this with me and comment. I usually upload all new images I want to use before I begin the post

Sorry for the interruption and we now return to regularly scheduled Experimental Expat Life.

WP App Problem Alert

Dear readers and followers:

I’m encountering a major issue on the WP App for my Iphone and my Ipad. After appealing for help on both the WP.com forum I only received one response telling me to “alert the WP.org staff on the troubleshooting forum so the developers are aware”. Having received no responses there at all, I’m appealing to my fellow bloggers and readers because it’s highly unlikely I’d be the only one out of millions having this issue. Here’s the problem:

When I log on to the app and click “WP admin”, it’s always taken me to the screen seen below but there’s a drop down menu option on the top left hand side that brings up the Dashboard editing options (Posts, Media, Links, Pages, Comments, Feedback, Appearance, Users, Tools and Settings).

This option has somehow DISAPPEARED from the app. (see below)

What happened to the dashboard menu option?

What happened to the dashboard menu option?

I am NOT having the issue on my PC. Unfortunately, I upload almost all my blog pictures from the phone or pad. Currently unable to use the edit screens, this means I will be unable to post anything from our upcoming four-week work exchange trip to Australia without using alternate means. Those of you using an Ipad to post know it’s hard enough to post on Apple products without having to figure out how to get pictures in the blog since I have no Media option on the app.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app on the phone and pad and the problem is still there.

If anyone out there knows if there’s a change that I’m too blind to see or is also having this issue, please comment !!!

It’s obviously ridiculous that I’d be the only one in the WP universe having this issue but if I can’t figure it out by January 8th, the Experimental Expats will be on an unplanned hiatus and that wouldn’t be a good start to 2016.

Thanks to everyone and Happy Holidays