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An Overdue Salute to My Better Half

With Valentines day only a few weeks away and our move to Malaysia still a few months away, I started contemplating what to write for my next post as another Monday morning arrived. Having used almost all the thousands of travel pictures housed on our hard drive and realizing that stories about selling crap on OfferUp.com gets boring after two or three posts, it kind of jumped out at me. As the author of the blog, our stories are probably a bit one-sided and not really a true reflection of our lives. Having patience plays a huge role in our lives as you’ll see from this chronologically organized post.

wifieWhile I normally hate posts that expose too many personal details involving emotional states of mind, it seems reasonable to share my appreciation of the second half and photographer of The Experimental Expats; my wife Diane. Understanding I also despise  “poor-me” pity posts (and I have come across thousands of them), my intent is NOT to complain about regrets or missed opportunities but rather to simply share my appreciation of being married to one of the world’s most tolerant and patient wives ever. Expressing my love through spoken words has never been my long suit, I can’t sing very well and the start of early retirement will put a damper on any expensive Valentines Day plans so I’ve decided to share a bit of my not-so dirty laundry as a way of saying  “Thank you for putting up with my shit”.

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Almost Expats – The First Anniversary

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine but they say “time flies when you’re having fun” and today marks the one year anniversary of my unexpected layoff. Recognizing that the odds of unemployed workers in late career successfully re-entering the workforce are slim, the life-changing event was the final straw in our decision to push up early retirement and become overseas expatriates.

we careChoosing Malaysia over Thailand despite large financial requirements for the MM2H visa, a social entry visit pass allowing unlimited entry to the country, I developed a new sense of the expression “patience is a virtue” as we began the long 18 month wait to my 50th birthday. Reaching that milestone allows an individual and their dependents the right to file paperwork under a status that demands a mere $150,000 MYR fixed deposit. Owing a large debt of gratitude to my former employer for getting me out the rate race, I’d like to personally thank H*** M*** Capital Management for their horribly stupid decision that left them devoid of the best operations and support person they ever had. An example of the thanks you get for breaking your ass include the useless brochure seen here 


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