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Survival of The Signage

Tick tock; tick tock. Yet another week drags by as we wait for the painstakingly and ridiculously unscientific process of “closing escrow”. Perhaps the hardest and most frustrating week of my life, we’ve gone back and forth with the buyers, the real estate agents and the title company in hopes of finally getting paid cold hard cash for the sale of our overpriced piece of suburban dirt. Meanwhile, I’ve recently been recalling some stories of our last Singapore trip. Steeped in colonial British history, Singapore is a fascinating city in many ways, albeit not for experimental expats planning on living with no real income. Anyway, when we last left off, the discussion centered around the eminent changes in policy now that the government’s much-loved and long time leader has passed on.

sign 4Having focused on our determined quest to find cultural attractions outside the department stores, I recently posted about our experiences in Singapore’s Little India and Chinatown districts. Turning my attention to one of my favorite topics, I began contemplating the fate of Singapore’s other cultural anomaly besides shopping: The signs. Directing citizens and visitors alike how to conduct almost every behavior in all possible public situations (and even some private ones), they’ve always held my interest. Although accepted as a way of life in exchange for years of relative prosperity, low crime and political stability I’ve been told enforcement of many rules and regulations recently toned down and i began wondering if the new generation wants more freedom and less signage?

Questioning whether a population can voluntarily abide by codes of conduct without being constantly reminded, I decided to share some of my favorite signage in Southeast Asia. Time will tell but please tell them to keep the classics like this piece of complete political incorrectness I found in Thailand

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