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A New Friendship for Our New Life

Needing a desperate retrieve from calendar watching, preparing the house for staging and general house husband duties, Diane and I ventured north last weekend for a rather long but easy road trip to meet the first new friends we’ve made in our soon-to-be early retirement. Thanks to the wonders of blogging, Eric and Marlina stumbled across us last year and showed us it really is a small world. Through an amazing set of coincidences, they are also moving to Malaysia in a few months and generously agreed to let us stay with them briefly when we first arrive to help lessen the overwhelming culture shock that inevitably awaits us.

Ipoh's Train Station

Ipoh’s Train Station

Since we need to leave North America soon after we sell our house and I can’t apply for the MM2H Visa until late April when I turn 50 years old, we’re expecting an “in limbo” period in Malaysia while we wait for approval of the visa. Amazingly, Eric’s situation is similar to mine and he also decided it’s easier to try early retirement than re-conquer the workforce at middle age. Luckily, his wife Marlina is of Singaporean descent, speaks fluent Malay, has family in Southeast Asia and understands Malaysian culture quite well. Having visited several times, they’ve already established a network of friends and are both looking forward to the beautiful town of Ipoh . Since Eric is one year older than me, there’s no need for them to wait so they filed their MM2H visa application a few weeks ago.

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