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MM2H – The Malaysian Social Visit Pass

One of our most important considerations when researching expat retirement destinations was the host country’s policies on residency. Some places , like Thailand, offer ease of convenience, with relatively few requirements. However, it’s only valid for one year and its liberal policies mean you share the country with almost anybody short of escaped criminals (and there’s probably some of those).

Other countries, like Panama and Ecuador, offer slightly more stringent rules but there are many barriers which include language, shysters looking to scam expats, and most recently the ridiculous new U.S. government tax act known as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) which makes it exponentially harder for honest middle class Americans to open foreign bank accounts. Continue reading

nyc marathon

My One Thousand Mile Walk

I didn’t actually walk it all at one time.

But I do love walking. On any given day I walk anywhere from five to eight miles, depending on what level of activity I’ve done earlier in the day. It’s my quiet time when I do all my thinking, planning and mental relaxing. The mileage is correct when taken from the day of my layoff until present day.

Aside from the health benefits, walking is the most fundamental activity that humans can do. Our bodies are designed for upright mobility. Unfortunately, most of our time is often spent at white-collar jobs buried in cubicles. One of the first things my fitness class instructor said when I began my exercise regiment was “30 years in an office, right?”. They can always tell because of poor posture. Continue reading


Losing a job is good for your health

Many people say they would love to retire but have trouble occupying themselves when faced with excessive free time. Diane used to work shifts in her nursing career. When faced with a stretch of more than a few days off she’d go stir crazy.

I am not one of those people.

Having faced an enormous amount of involuntary down time between jobs during my first expat experience in Canada, I was very familiar with this situation. But searching for work due to limited opportunities in your field is very different from ending your career. Continue reading

Empty Cubicles

The day started off as drab and tedious as any other. Then:

“Can I see you in the empty office, please? Right Now?

When the company’s Chief Operating Officer utters those words without looking you square in the eye, it’s not usually a good sign; more so when his office is on another floor, he shows his face three times a year and usually only gets involved in the daily lives of the grunt staff when there’s bad news. Continue reading