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Napa Wine Country: one thing Malaysia is missing

Malaysia’s bustling food scene offers a cornucopia of opportunities for expats. Sadly, tropical climate eliminates quick day trips to wine country as one of those options. Taking advantage of one last harvest season before the big move, Diane and I embarked on our annual Napa Valley Wine Tasting excursion. Living forty five minutes from some of the world’s finest vintner, we always wind up back at our favorite, V. Sattui Winery, founded in 1885 and in picturesque St. Helena, California.

sattui signUnfortunately, day tripping to Napa is not conducive with early retirement, especially when you already live in the most expensive housing market in America. Learning to compromise, we’ve adapted our experience to a more reasonable version that still affords an enjoyable afternoon without breaking the budget. For readers wishing to try wine country without blowing the bank account we offer our version of an afternoon visit complete with lunch, cheese and of course, quality wine. Understand we are not yuppie wine enthusiasts and while we love a good bottle of wine once in awhile, we consider it an occasional treat. Continue reading