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The Anti-Vegitarian (and haze)

Although I’m a big fan of Laksa, Hokkien Mee and Mee Goreng, sometimes I crave real meat. Not the minuscule amounts of chicken and beef they put in soups or the two bite chicken or duck rice meals at hawker stands. No, I want steak, chops, pork, lamb and anything else that provides an actual healthy serving of animal protein. Always hungrier on days I workout at our dinky little gym, we stumbled upon a little hidden gem in Pilau Tikas with a silly name and an unbelievably generous menu of grilled meats all served buffet style. Well, it’s semi buffet style anyway. For only 60 ringgit, you look at the menu selection and they come take your order based on how many people in your party want each dish. Grilling each item to order, you sit back and enjoy for about an hour or two as plate after plate come out.


Known as Beep Beep Q, the little restaurant sits tucked on Lorang Bangkok between Jalan Burma and Jalan Kalwani. Convenient for those rare expats like us with no cars, it’s right off the street that the 101 bus traverses making it an easy place to get to without a lot of extra walking. Housed in a small little building halfway down the street, we went on a Sunday night, one of three weekend nights they offer the buffet. (Other nights are à la carte so it’s probably not worth it). Taking advantage of our newest friends that moved into our condo after breaking a lease from their astronomically noisy condo in the middle of Constructionville, we suggested this place when we decided to brave the haze and leave the house for first time all day. (Different topic discussed later down the page). Anyway, we approached the street and found all the parking spots empty which is the first time I’ve ever seen that. Thinking the pea soup mix of burning forest fire and ash kept people indoors, it turns out you need some sort of permit to park on various streets in Pilau Tikas despite the lack of signage describing this (which is rare in Malaysia). Learning the hard way, our driver received a nasty 100 ringgit ticket and the lesson learned is if you ever see empty parking spots in Penang, it probably means it costs to park there.

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