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Hangin’ with The Hill People in Thailand

Underneath the warm blankets came the sound of squealing, grunting and farting. Residing underneath our bedding in the guest house built on stilts, the pigs roamed around all night oblivious to the difference between day and night. Needing to pee badly, I stumbled out the hut door, tripped over some clothes and meandered to the “bathroom”, a separate hut with no lighting, a pit toilet seat on the floor and a bucket and hose. Diane held it in all night.

giant pigs

Giant squealing pigs live under the house

Possibly the best part of our annual Expat Destination Research Vacation, our visit to a real village far away from the touristy main roads was fascinating from start to finish. Departing the main road, we embarked on a four-hour journey just to get there. Utilizing a long-boat to traverse the muddy river, a mahout to guide us up a narrow trail on an elephant, and a bushwhacking local to hike through the jungle back down, just reaching the Karen Hill People was an adventure. Continue reading