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File this under “Shit Happens”

When I discussed discarding any unsold possessions before the big move to Southeast Asia, this was not exactly what I had in mind. Sadly, the picture above is what’s left of my 2007 Honda Accord after a freak incident in a parking lot sent it packing for the insurance company scrapyard. Amazingly, this was not a normal accident and not only was I only going about 18 to 20 MPH, but I also walked out the passenger side door completely unscathed.

This is where my car is headed

This is where my car is headed

Shattering my lifelong loyalty towards Honda, a catastrophic failure of the brakes or something related to stopping the car caused an incident leading to the smashed pile of metal you see in the pictures. Finishing my normal morning workout at the gym, I hopped in, pulled out of my parking spot and headed about 25 feet at a typically slow speed for a parking lot. Needing to make a left turn, I looked right, saw nobody and began a left turn into the main roadway of the parking lot when I saw another car coming towards me. With more than ample room to stop, I hit the brakes and they mysteriously pumped all the way to the floor, similar to hitting a patch of black ice but without the skid.


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