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A Highly Discovered White Sand Beach

Winding down the last week of our free “rent-back” period, I found myself reflecting on the 550+ days spent in limbo as an unemployed house husband. Recapping, an untimely layoff about an eternity ago (actually 11/1/2013), forced Diane and I into a decision on whether we should simply retire earlier than planned or keep trudging through jobs and commutes we both hated. Having already researched the MM2H Visa requirements for residency we bit the bullet and began a long 17 month period where Diane continued to work and I basically waited until April 15th, 2015. Using the time wisely, I got much healthier and invested her paychecks wisely, albeit a bit more conservatively.

town signPossibly the hardest part of the last 18 months, not having an upcoming vacation to look forward to grated on me like chalk on a blackboard. Having always used our time off on “Expat Destination Research Vacations” to places like Ecuador, Thailand and Borneo, I jumped at the chance to join Diane when an opportunity arose to attend a nursing conference in scenic Clearwater Beach, Florida. Knowing we’d probably not be using American based airlines very often once we become residents of Southeast Asia, we cashed in the last of the Delta Airlines frequent flier miles and headed to the lesser known side of Florida. Surprisingly clean, quiet and beautiful on weekday mornings, we visited in early spring before the torrid heat, humidity and thunder showers arrived making for a perfect little mini getaway. Naturally, I laid on the beach while Diane suffered inside all day but we did take an extra weekend day to enjoy some quality time together. Staying at the only large property in town, I’m sharing one last domestic travel post about our hotel experience at The Hyatt Clearwater Beach Resort.

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Death of a Malaysian Information Superhighway

Regrettably, I must tell everyone that The MM2H Forum is now officially dead. Possibly the greatest source of information for anything and everything related to The Malaysian Social Visit Pass, otherwise known as MM2H, a simple message stating its demise is all that remains. With only 183 days left until Diane and I file for the big move to Penang, I was both disappointed and a but angry upon learning the news.

 Us in Borneo, the closest we've ever been to Penang, our chosen destination

Rodi in Borneo, the closest we’ve ever been to Penang, our chosen destination

From accounting to zoölogy, the MM2H Forum was perhaps the most complete source of knowledge and information for expats anywhere in the world. Boasting a readership of over 20,000 and created eight years ago by a British expat known to me only as Scott, the forum was a primary reason Diane and I feel comfortable enough to risk everything and move somewhere we’ve never been to. Featuring information about the visa, banking, lifestyle, food, daily life and everything else, the loss will be felt throughout the expat community.

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