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From Bad to Ridiculous

Like something worse than a science fiction movie, severe haze and smoke that’s cancelling dozens of flights, keeping three million kids a day at home from school and paralyzing Malaysia’s economy is now “officially” predicted to be around for FIVE MORE MONTHS. (According to published reports in The Star and various other articles I found on the Internet). Experts predicted worse than normal conditions months ago thanks to a large El Niño event yet nobody in any position of authority made decisions that could have prevented what NASA predicts will possibly become the world’s largest environmental disaster. There’s really nothing good to say about this and being stuck barricaded in the air conditioning from morning till bedtime feels like being claustrophobic and trapped in an elevator. Trying to describe living in Penang today is like trying to make a snapshot of the Grand Canyon as good being there. I simply can’t put it into words. Seemingly an emergency (by western standards anyway), telling 30 million people they will inhale smoke and ash for months and be unable to take part in outside activities barely makes a blurb in the local media. “Contingency plans” include how the kids will be able to take their exams, how many more masks should be made available and everything except how to deal with the situation now.

imageFinally receiving a phone call from the logistics firm today, our 29 boxes of personal goods arrive from the USA after eight long weeks this weekend and we have to hang around because it takes a week to get it cleared and delivered. Rendering an immediate flight out of here impractical, it looks like we’ll be eating whatever cans of beans and soup are sitting around the cupboard, avoiding the pool which of course is outside and curling up inside like caged animals because we both get headaches and nausea after a few minutes outside. Possibly turning into the worst decision ever, moving here was the ultimate bad timing for outdoors enthusiasts, although we obviously couldn’t have known that El Niño would keep the monsoons season from arriving this year. For me it’s downright depressing waking up in the middle of a raging fire for weeks on end. Skies are devoid of clouds or sun and look like the smoldering ashes in a Mad Max movie.

Statistically, October is the rainiest month in Penang and we’ve seen about as much rain as California’s last three winters (that means practically none). Causing wind patterns to change without the seasonal rains, scientists conclude there’s little chance of nature helping this disaster any time soon. Trying not to judge anyone since we’re visitors, it seems reasonable to me that leaders might begin begging the developed world for a contingency of emergency firefighting help since the experts claim that this is emitting more greenhouse gas PER DAY than the entire USA does in 30 days. Unfortunately, today’s headline concerns itself with politicians and spokespeople talking about an alleged multi-billion dollar financial scandal so it looks like help will not come any time soon.


Apologizing once more for negativity and bad news, I felt I’d rather share what’s really happening here and not sugar coat the situation for the benefit of readers that diligently follow our story. Once we get our stuff, our contingency plan is fleeing to Chaing Mai before our planned visit to Hua Hin and returning in December to see if the scientists were a bit off base with their dire predictions. We’re also very excited for the upcoming Tasmanian trip involving a work exchange program in January which we’d still take no matter what. But if Chinese New Year arrives and the air quality remains as horrible as now, we may consider the experiment a failure, at least in Malaysia, and abandon the MM2H program because quite frankly, living here and talking to everyone produces a sense that this situation will repeat itself for many decades to come. Costa Rica is high on the list of other options and it’s a lot closer to Diane’s family so maybe we’d be better off anyway.

Thanks for reading and please pray for torrential monsoons in Indonesia.

Please pass the toilet tissue

Knowing nowhere is paradise, today I’d like to discuss three pet peeves I have with Malaysia. Obviously everything isn’t heaven on earth no matter where you live and an expat blog should include the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between if you expect readers to get a real sense of daily living. Therefore, in the interest of good reporting (and because I have nobody else to complain to), I present my top three things that irritate me after the first month of expat living in Malaysia.

image1) Paper products (or the lack thereof)

Yes, I know it’s Asia and I’m aware North Americans are ridiculously spoiled by consumer products priced so low that everyone can afford basic necessities of life But cmon, man. Achieving “fully developed status” won’t happen until they find a way to get towels and toilet tissues into bathrooms. In their defense, the nicer businesses and malls have installed hand dryers, although they’re relatively useless in the 95% humidity and half of them are inoperable anyway. Nothing bothers me more than needing to wash up after an awesome hawker meal,and finding soap, water and nothing to dry with. Equally frustrating is finding a stall (as opposed to a pit shitter like most of Thailand), doing your business and then discovering that the cost of paper goods apparently outweighs the need to give something to wipe your butt with. Even hotels and upscale malls refuse to splurge on what all Westerners consider basic necessities (Note to government: Upscale tourists from Hong Kong and Singapore think about things like this when choosing a destination). Anyway, for my two cents, this needs to change.

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