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Please pass the toilet tissue

Knowing nowhere is paradise, today I’d like to discuss three pet peeves I have with Malaysia. Obviously everything isn’t heaven on earth no matter where you live and an expat blog should include the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between if you expect readers to get a real sense of daily living. Therefore, in the interest of good reporting (and because I have nobody else to complain to), I present my top three things that irritate me after the first month of expat living in Malaysia.

image1) Paper products (or the lack thereof)

Yes, I know it’s Asia and I’m aware North Americans are ridiculously spoiled by consumer products priced so low that everyone can afford basic necessities of life But cmon, man. Achieving “fully developed status” won’t happen until they find a way to get towels and toilet tissues into bathrooms. In their defense, the nicer businesses and malls have installed hand dryers, although they’re relatively useless in the 95% humidity and half of them are inoperable anyway. Nothing bothers me more than needing to wash up after an awesome hawker meal,and finding soap, water and nothing to dry with. Equally frustrating is finding a stall (as opposed to a pit shitter like most of Thailand), doing your business and then discovering that the cost of paper goods apparently outweighs the need to give something to wipe your butt with. Even hotels and upscale malls refuse to splurge on what all Westerners consider basic necessities (Note to government: Upscale tourists from Hong Kong and Singapore think about things like this when choosing a destination). Anyway, for my two cents, this needs to change.

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