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15 Tasty Thai Treats

Almost 23 hours after stepping on Cathay Pacific Flight 102 at 12:30 AM in San Francisco, Diane and I stepped out of our hotel in Bangkok, breathed in the torrid tropical humid air and stepped on the Chao Prya Express Boat. Famished, tired, jet-lagged and excited, Thailand was our first visit to Southeast Asia and part of our annual Expat Destination Research Vacation. Like Anthony Bourdain, I also believe a perfect bowl of noodle soup is the world’s most perfect food. Seeking an unknown destination and any available delicious bowl of perfection close to the hotel, we traveled two stops and hopped off the boat.

 We exited the boat here

We exited the boat here

Although Penang, Malaysia is our intended retirement destination in about six months, Thailand has always been a close second and our “Plan B”. Awesome experiences awaited us on the trip including a village homestay with a hill tribe, an elephant rehab farm adventure and strange signage. Acclimatizing our stomachs to spicy food every day seemed important when considering a move to neighboring Malaysia so we tasted and photographed.  Bon Appetit !! Continue reading

Silly signage from Thailand

One of my favorite pastimes while traveling is documenting strange signs. Understanding English is a second language for much of Southeast Asia, I still find myself laughing at hilarious bastardized versions of the language. Ironically, as soon to be expats in Penang, Diane and I have visited hundreds of blogs and websites devoted to all things Malaysian from drivers licenses to yoga studios. Sadly, we’ve found better punctuation, clearer articulation and a grasp of the language that most of today’s American generation could never match.

In the interest of fun, I offer these hilarious signs seen throughout the Thai chapter of our annual Expat Destination Research Vacation.  Continue reading