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The Liebster: My World Series Championship Trophy

Unmistakingly American, Joe Buck’s voice emanated rather loudly from the living room while Diane did what everyone else in the San Francisco Bay Area did last Sunday night: watched the San Francisco Giants play game six of The World Series. Alas, I was slaving away in the computer room working on The Liebster Award Post. Yeah, OK, stop laughing. Some old farts still use a computer and mouse while blogging. And early retirees only buy new devices when a faced with an emergency (like a new Apple OS rendering you as obsolete).


World Series, not Liebster trophy

Less than 30 days into my first ever attempt at blogging, I received two nominations on the same day for the (coveted?) Liebster Award. For the benefit of my blog-less email followers, the award is given by fellow bloggers to other bloggers as a recognition of excellence. Generally given to new bloggers like me, the rules state nominees can include non-newbies with less than 800 followers. The rules are here. Also designed for promotion of under-appreciated blogs, I noticed a spike in my stats so I guess it works. Thanks to Tim and Joanne of A Note from Abroad and The Tex-Pats of Adventure Pengembara for the nod !! I’m honored and appreciative.

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