Off to the “big city”

ApplogoIng for my blogging negligence, I know I promised more posts about Jamie’s visit but somehow time snuck away. It’s 5:40 AM, now a horribly ungodly hour for early retirees and we are headed downstairs for our personalized Uber pickup. Heading to the jetty, the ferry and then on a train, we’re off to Kuala Lumpur to finally complete our MM2H visa and get stamped.  Taking the train seemed like a fun way to see the country since we don’t have a car or a local drivers license. Planning to stop at the U.S. Embassy for a ridiculous new rule requiring “authenticity” of our U.S. Drivers license, we grabbed an appointment as soon as we could since there aren’t that many. Staying in luxury one last at time, the Traders Hotel is home for the next six days. Planning on sharing the journey whenever I can, adios for now and thanks for following


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