Visiting Hours

Time flies when you’re having fun so first, I want to apologize for the long lag between posts. Out of thin air came our surprise first visitor and running around playing tour guide/host is fun but rather exhausting. Oddly, life can work in strange ways. Confident one of Diane’s coworkers would be first, we even encouraged a contest on our Facebook pages to determine the “lottery winner”. Inundating our friends with over 20 pictures and stories per day, almost everyone seems to love the idea but it’s the other side of the world, making it harder than just a quick three-hour flight across America. Surprisingly, an old female friend from the old days (before Diane and I met) happened to be visiting Phuket and Bangkok and decided to pop in for a few days. Possibly the last person I’d ever expect to be our first visitor, I haven’t seen her since 1995 and know only bits and pieces of her current situation from Facebook messenger conversations. Conveniently located only about an hour from Bangkok, she changed her plans for the return flight home and there she was, looking the same as I remember only 20 years later.

Additionally, we reconnected with a new casting producer at House Hunters International and after a phone conversation, started the next step in the production process which is a very long 15 page questionnaire. Spending two full days creating text that makes our story worthy of being scripted into an episode, we need to compile some pictures next and send that off so that also explains my blogging negligence. FInally, today is Diane’s 44th birthday and after we send Jamie off in a taxi headed back to Penang International Airport, we’re planning on a Western style birthday dinner at a bar-b-q rib joint in Gurney Paragon, the nicest mall on the island. So please accept my apologies for the lack of new posts and bear with us for the rest of the week. Oh yes, next week we’re traveling to Kuala Lumpur to complete the MM2H Visa and finally get our passport endorsements that allow unlimited exit/entries into Malaysia for ten years. Feeling like a long road is finally ending, our new experimental early retirement finally begins. Promising to update everyone on some of the things we did with Jamie before we leave for KL, here’s a few pictures.

By the way, Jamie is also a Pilates instructor but even she was surprised by the effects of heat and humidity when it comes to fitness. Teaching us a few simple routines we can do right on the deck of the pool, we hope to continue adapting and meeting more friends. Thanks very much to all of you for the comments explaining everything unknown to us in recent posts including the Cantonese food restaurant recommendations (which we used, breathing a huge sigh of relief at the first sip of delicious noodle soup that has some salt). Thanks also to everyone posting questions and indicating interest in connecting with us in Penang. We’d love to meet anyone moving to the area, vacationing or just passing through. Cheers for now !!

Got any tips on Cantonese food in KL? PLease share

4 thoughts on “Visiting Hours

  1. Julie M

    HHI contacted us to but to be honest that questionnaire and the video we would need to make was enough to put me off from doing it – lazy I know. We had some friends who did it when we lived in Barcelona and they said it was a lot of fun but a lot of work. Looking forward to hearing how it turns out for you guys!!


    1. rodi (Rob and Diane) Post author

      Yes the questionnaire is ridiculously long but I enjoy writing so I banged it out at the pool over about six hours. If Diane and to write it we wouldn’t be appearing. As for the video, we never made one so not sure how that will go but we don’t Really have specific plans each day right now so why not? Thanks for sharing

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