The Waiting Game

Although I believe I’ve said this before, once again I ask you to please pardon the interruption to our regularly scheduled blog posts while we play the game they call Real Estate. Grabbing one of the few opportunities available to me, I’m posting this quick status update so we don’t fall off the face of the expat blog earth. Simply put, California makes selling a house an enormous pain in the ass by running a “broker’s tour” on the Tuesday before your first weekend open house. While technically open to the public, most people work for a living and can’t spend their weekday afternoons at open houses. Instead, 45 real estate agents trounced through our immaculately clean house and left stains, pizza boxes and dirt everywhere along with their business cards.

buyerFor our troubles we received a total of four showings during the rest of the week. Convincing us the intention is to create a bidder’s war by receiving multiple offers, it seems like a huge waste of time to me but according to everyone it will be worth it. Having sold a house in Canada after one three-day open house open to the public, this week of living on pins and needles is frustrating me to no end. Along with disappearing on a short notice, you have to leave on every light in the house, make the bedding perfect every day and shower at the gym. Hoping this weekend solidifies the deal with two real open houses, our agent has set Tuesday morning as the deadline to submit offers and remains confident we’ll have multiple offers above asking price.

cathayMeanwhile, since I have not yet mastered posting on my Ipad, I’m using this chance to hop on the PC and let everyone know how anxious we are to sell and get the hell outta here. With 28 days to go until we file our MM2H Visa, we anxiously await the end of the selling process and yearn for the transition process. Hoping to close escrow by late April, we’re staying with relatives in the Motherland (Canada) for a few weeks to allow some time for the visa to go through its processing stage and then the leap of faith finally begins. Please tell Malaysia to stand by while we finish this irritating phase and please excuse the lack of longer and more informative posts that are more “on-topic” for an expat blog. Until we accept an offer and I return to normal life in a sold house, we say arrivederci and ciao until next week when we get our home lives back

Of course, timing is everything in life and this is too good to make up: We live in Contra Costa County, California and this is a picture of today’s front page headline:



Here’s hoping we return with good news to post by next week.

Have you ever been frustrated with the house-selling procedure? Please share !!

Coming next week
We share our good news with you (hopefully)

2 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. ersatzexpat

    Selling houses is a pain. I used to hate having to give people the tour. In the UK it is not unknown for the estate agent to tell you to get rid of some furniture to make the house look more appealing. Ours took exception to our wall of bookshelves and books, normal people, apparently, don’t have books in the house and we should put them all in storage until the house was sold. Absolutely bizarre.



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