The Popular Crowd

Staring the blog just over five months ago, I set out to share some transitional stories and tales of our previous expat destination research trips disguised as vacations. Completely new to blogging, I had no idea how inspiring (or uninspiring) my posts would turn out. Understanding expat blogs are not the most widely read topic, I went in hoping to attract a few friends and perhaps make some new ones. As an old guy (almost 50), none of my Facebook friends blog or even bother to read blogs so I really have no comparison to measure my success (or failure).

unsureAlthough interaction remains lower than I’d hoped when it comes to comments and followers, I attribute some of that to my pathetic lack of participation on social networks. Unapologetic for neglecting to spend more time on devices and PC’s than I did at work, I am legally blind in one eye so please understand one reason I chose early retirement after my rude and unexpected dismissal from the workforce was to relax the burden placed on my healthy eye. Through it all, however, someone must enjoy my stories and getting 10,000 page views in five months is probably no great accomplishment but is rather satisfying.

thanksAnyway, we offer another big thank you to anyone who devotes some of their time reading our stories and we hope we’ve earned your loyalty and readership for years to come. We’ve met new friends and many of you have offered help, advice or agreed to meet us once we arrive in Malaysia. With our residence on the market next week and 38 days left until my 50th birthday, the MM2H Visa application will soon be in the mail and the real adventures begin. With no clue where to start in a city we’ve never visited, it promises to be interesting and educational if nothing else. We appreciate everyone’s support !!


Next post:
Our empty house gets “staged”, photographed, advertised and hopefully sold fast !! Please stick around for the next 10,000 hits.

7 thoughts on “The Popular Crowd

  1. rmgthatsme

    Haven’t even thought of starting a blog so congratulations on your achievement. Just getting a blog going and having the commitment to post regularly is praiseworthy in my book! Here’s to the next 10k views.


    1. rodi (Rob and Diane) Post author

      Thanks for the great comment. Writing is the easy part. It’s the only thing I think I’m good at. Editing is another story. I spend way too much time on each post, often revising over 50 times. I also use the grammatical check and rarely leave anything in that it says is improper (although there are many cases where it just doesn’t understand) Hopefully the result is usually worth reading. I am a wordsmith that gets very irritated at a lot of the horribly written crap that gets thousands of likes but that’s because I was taught the difference between their and there and apparently most of America’s internet generation uses their own form of horrible English. What is funny to me is how Malay websites and FB pages are always written in better English than American ones. Must be the proper British education or something. Anyway thanks for reading !!!



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