Almost Expats – The First Anniversary

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine but they say “time flies when you’re having fun” and today marks the one year anniversary of my unexpected layoff. Recognizing that the odds of unemployed workers in late career successfully re-entering the workforce are slim, the life-changing event was the final straw in our decision to push up early retirement and become overseas expatriates.

we careChoosing Malaysia over Thailand despite large financial requirements for the MM2H visa, a social entry visit pass allowing unlimited entry to the country, I developed a new sense of the expression “patience is a virtue” as we began the long 18 month wait to my 50th birthday. Reaching that milestone allows an individual and their dependents the right to file paperwork under a status that demands a mere $150,000 MYR fixed deposit. Owing a large debt of gratitude to my former employer for getting me out the rate race, I’d like to personally thank H*** M*** Capital Management for their horribly stupid decision that left them devoid of the best operations and support person they ever had. An example of the thanks you get for breaking your ass include the useless brochure seen here 


Reflecting on my first year of semi-voluntary retirement, I’d like to consider my accomplishments in a positive way, exactly the way my “outplacement counselor ” would have professed had I opted to use this complimentary and useless service they offer staff after they shit-can you.

<center)A useless service companies offer you after they kick you out

A useless service companies offer you after they kick you out

For the benefit of those new to my blog, I offer a synopsis of my first year as a retired house husband on his way to Malaysia for an experimental early retirement. Basically a chronological recap of the blog so far, please click the links and familiarize yourself with the events leading up to our big change-of-life (not menopause).

Possibly best of all was the time given to me, allowing me an opportunity to craft posts that I hope you find entertaining as well as informative. I’ve learned an immense amount about everything I never had time or patience for. Taking an opportunity to thank everyone, I’d like to give special thanks to the WP CSS team for providing personal tutoring when I simply can’t figure out what damn selectors to use.

thanks worldI’d also like to thank everyone who spent some time checking us out. Understanding the greatest content is useless without an audience to share it with, I’d like to express my appreciation for all the comments, page views and especially the followers. Knowing there are thousands of experienced bloggers with more interesting topics than the life of an expat, thanks to all.

page viewsI’m not really sure if this number is good, bad or indifferent but I’ve now received 2,133 page views in 32 days of blogging. Amazed at the global scope, I’m happy that citizens of 48 countries have checked in at one point and look forward to sharing the rest of our transition from closing escrow to arrival in Penang and everything thereafter.

Know anyone who’s been laid off ? How did it feel and what did they do? Maybe you ? Please share or comment

Please stay tuned and watch for the Big Fall Cleanup next. 


1 thought on “Almost Expats – The First Anniversary

  1. Stacey

    I was laid off from a city in 2009 (couldn’t wait to be free as it was a terrible experience). Enjoyed my summer off, went back to school, got my teaching credential and now, 5 years almost to the day I’m heading to Shanghai for an awesome job in an incredible city. I wonder if I should send a thank you to the city?

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