Please excuse the interruption

Interrupting our regularly scheduled posts, The Experimental Expats were unexpectedly nominated for a Liebster Award by two people at the same time yesterday. Bestowed upon new bloggers by fellow bloggers to recognize excellence and help publicize, it’s a first for us and it might take a few days to craft a response worthy of the award. Proving when it rains it pours, I’ve also been asked to write a guest post on an Retirement and Good Living, a very informative site for anyone contemplating retirement.  Additionally, I was asked to take part in a South Korean radio podcast about expats run by an American. Transitioning for our move to Malaysia has sure gotten interesting quickly.

messages 2After blogging for only 25 days, I’m obviously honored, appreciative and even a bit overwhelmed. Many thanks go out to Tim and Joanne, authors of A Note from Abroad and the creator of Adventure Pengembara for the nominations. As a newbie to HTML, CSS and barely able to use spreadsheets at my crappy ex-job, I’ve already gained immense knowledge about the blogosphere, a word I didn’t even know existed until recently. Realizing I need to learn the rules, read some more blogs and scribble some notes, I embarked on the first project today and hope to complete the award post by week’s end. Therefore, please excuse any delays in between posts but please don’t forget us. I’m all set to post a video on the slightly gross but very popular Thai fish massages for your feet. Here’s a preview.

Thanks again for everyone’s support and for making my first month successful !!


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