Silly signage from Thailand

One of my favorite pastimes while traveling is documenting strange signs. Understanding English is a second language for much of Southeast Asia, I still find myself laughing at hilarious bastardized versions of the language. Ironically, as soon to be expats in Penang, Diane and I have visited hundreds of blogs and websites devoted to all things Malaysian from drivers licenses to yoga studios. Sadly, we’ve found better punctuation, clearer articulation and a grasp of the language that most of today’s American generation could never match.

In the interest of fun, I offer these hilarious signs seen throughout the Thai chapter of our annual Expat Destination Research Vacation. 

In no particular order:

My first encounter looking for alcohol

  Indeed !!

Indeed !!

I don’t know why I find the singular funny but anyway:

Thailand 2009 498


Explanation of herbal remedies in a roadside store near Chaing-Rai. 

Thailand 2009 507


Even funnier

Thailand 2009 505

Blind masseurs are not my cup of tea

Thailand 2009 007

Huh ?

Thailand 2009 487

NO slutty outfits you dumb Western people !!

Thailand 2009 110


Understand ? Good .
Thailand 2009 465

My favorite T-shirt and so McTrue

Thailand 2009 203


Not Chinatown; “Chinese-Town”. Perhaps politically incorrect ?

Thailand 2009 411



In case a visitor is not from Singapore

Thailand 2009 182


Finally: Not absurd, just utterly cool

Thailand 2009 093

I love hilarious signage. Know any similar posts? Please comment, link or let me know.






1 thought on “Silly signage from Thailand

  1. Mike

    the first sign reads ” convenience man and disabled person’ ….so I guess lamer is close enough, LOL. Yes, some of the signage needs a bit of imagination to interpret.



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